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Ampro Embedded Linux is well suited for the design of highly-reliable single- board computers (SBCs), computer-on-modules (COMs), and. AMPRO EMBEDDED LINUX FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. Views. 4 years ago . Embedded Linux Productization - The Linux Foundation.

Ampro Computers and TimeSys Corp. announced today that the TimeSys Embedded Linux operating system and software development kit. WinSystems introduces embedded Linux SBC WinSystems, along with VersaLogic, Ampro Computers, Micro/sys, and Octagon Systems. , English, Article, Other article edition: Ampro(TM) and TimeSys(TM) Speed Application Deployment for OEMs Using Embedded Linux(R) with the.

Ampro Computers Inc. announced today that it has been promoted by Microsoft to Silver Level status in the Windows Embedded Partner Program (WEPP).

Like the Big Board, the ``Little Board'' (Ampro, ) used a Z80 CPU Embedded Linux--in just a few short years, Linux has exploded onto all.

The world of embedded Linux single board computers (SBCs) has greatly Ampro Computers, Inc. is no stranger to embedded computers.

Derived from Ubuntu packages, Ampro Embedded Linux is a free, open-source, reduced-footprint operating system enhanced with.