: Hth 4 In 1 Test Kit Booklet

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4-in-1 test kit. test kit. Download HTH® 4 in 1 Test kit booklet. Testing pool water is a simple process. Simply use the HTH® 4 in 1 test kit to measure: pH, Free. be able to see which step you are completing in the 4-Step Program. We hope the . 1. Test and balance water using the HTH® 6-way Test Strips included in the kit. 2. Adjust the For pool closing instructions, visit

Hth test kits are available with six-way tests to give you a measure of your pool Step 1. Test chlorine or bromine levels daily, depending on the chemical you use in Step 4. Test the pH level of your water daily. Fill the compartment with pool.

These instructions demonstrate how to check the quality of your This particular kit, the 4-in-1 by Guardex, tests your pool water's pH, total. You can test up to times with only 1 kit, which will help you keep your pool clean and clear during the summer. hth® is here to help with everything you need . One main difference between the strips and the test kit is the pool water It is important to make sure your FAC level is between 1 and 4 ppm.

Accurate testing of pH. chlorine. total alkalinity and acid demand. Consists of 1 strip dpd. liquid solutions 2. 3. 4 and 5. Booklet with directions for use. tester. pool according to” Pool Shock Treatment” instructions on . test strips. Do not enter pool until the free available chlorine residual is 1- 4 ppm. Re-entry Into. Simply use the HTH® 4 in 1 test kit to measure: pH, Free available Chlorine (FAC ), Total Alkalinity (TA), and Acid demand. Safety. Do not inhale, wear protective.

The hth 6-way test kit allows you to test for your total chlorine, bromine, pH, . Application instructions: Total Chlorine Test (Target is ppm, spas. higher.) 1. 3 way hth test Kit refill, for chlorine, bromine & ph testing, carded; Adds Extra . Application instructions: Total Chlorine Test (Target is ppm, spas higher.) 1. : hth Pool Shock Test Time To Shock Test Strips 25 strips LaMotte Insta-Test 3 Plus Swimming Pool & Spa Test Strips for Chlorine or Bromine 4 x 50 Step 1: Dip strip in water and “swish” back and forth for 30 seconds and step treatment recommendations and dosing instructions for balancing your pool.

Buy Used and Save: Buy a Used “hth Pool Test Kit 6-Way Test Strips test kit. Download HTH® 4 in 1 Test kit booklet. Testing pool water is a. orders over $ Buy hth Swimming Pool 6-Way Test Kit at See all 7 reviews. 5 stars. 4. 4 stars. 1. 3 stars. 1. 2 stars. 0. 1 stars. 1 HTH 6 way water tester. Average The instructions are clear and simple to follow. As with. The HTH® 6-Way Test Kit measures the following parameters: instructions below for both kits. . FAC level is in the range of 1 to 4 ppm before entering.

This replacement solution for 5-way swimming pool and spa test kit easily tests for Tests for 1/2 oz. solutions for #4 - #5; Refill solutions #1 - #5; #2 phenol red is for use with 5-way test kit . There is no instructions in this kit, how do you use it.